Spiritual Path

Environment and metaphysical art project to create a path in to forest that not only respects the trees but inspires us to think the world beyond physical existence.
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Stories of the Nation

Tacit knowledge, memories of the people are invaluable asset to the nation and to the world. Together with the collective in Kauhajoki we are creating a concept to collect, store and distribute the stories. »

First help to too small worries

Concept design and ethnographic project to discover what are the small worries that causes increasing stress and how do we speak about those worries. Design a prototype solution to bring in first help to worries using all possible existing assets that the Finnish welfare state has created. »


My investment strategy is to create better society and to work with inspiring people."

Frida family

We believe that everyone should have the luxury of having family law matters handled in easy, delicate and cost effiency way. Frida Family takes care of your most important contracts and gives you peace of mind. »

One Mind Dogs

“We humans do not deserve dogs” - Ricky Gervais. Maybe so, but in case you have a dog it might be good idea to have amazing life with her. Two souls and one mind. »

JYMY Ice Cream

Because why not and if someone makes ice cream out of trees, we dig it. »

Work and Board Memberships

Co-founder and Head of Studio

Global design leader that fearlessly creates world class user experiences »

Member of the Board

General unemployment fund YTK is an uncommitted and independent unemployment fund. ​​​​​​​We are open to all salaried employees. »

Member of the Board

Young people have the right to dream. Our responsibility is to support them. Every youth matters. »

Design Forum Member of the Board

Design Forum Finland supports the growth of Finnish companies and organisations, and their international competitiveness and success, by promoting the use of design especially on a strategic level. »

Member of the Advisory Group

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